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Generate initial buzz around your startup while spending your time on more important things. Let Submit Monster remove the hassle of manually submitting your startup pitch to relevant channels and help you in your product launch.

Why choose
Submit Monster

Because your time is precious

Save your time and resources and let Submit Monster take care of boring stuff while you're up to more important stuff. Submit Monster will take away your stress – not add to it!

Because submission directories
are tailored to your project

High-quality delivery every single time is guaranteed. Submit Monster's delivery is informed by carefully matching each submission channel with your project and more importantly, from understanding what has worked well for us and our clients. The core mission is to help clients grow quickly, at a lower cost.

Because submissions
will boost your SEO efforts

Posting your startup to relevant top-ranked Domain Authority websites will earn you valuable do-follow links.

Because Submit Monster
service will make you more money

More visibility means more customers for your startup. A single customer can easily cover the cost of all submissions.

Because Monster
been there and done it

When you choose Submit Monster, you'll feel the benefit of previous experience matching custom projects with relevant directory listings.

Because Submit Monster is
chosen by professionals

Monster is the go-to service for dozen of US and UK developer agencies and individuals.

Because Submit Monster knows digital

With a working knowledge of online, SEO, and social media, the monster can take your message wherever it needs to go.

Because Monster submission
service doesn't cost the earth

Submit Monster HQ are not in New York or London, and Monster knows you want to keep a lid on costs.

Because your brand comes first

Before Monster commits to submissions, your tone of voice and value proposition is evaluated and balanced to particular channels.

Because Monster's focus is on results

It's all about what adds value for you and your business. Above all, Submit Monster wants its actions to work for you.

Because Monster is
an extended part of your team

First-class customer support is the cornerstone of this service. Working with Submit Monster feels like a partnership - an extension of your team.

Because your customers matter

Engage in communication with your customers coming from submission channels using a custom registration @subscription.monster email address.

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Submission to 50 handpicked directories

Live submissions tracking

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Submission to 100+ handpicked directories

Live submissions tracking

Submissions and access to custom

Priority order

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